Alliance Title and Escrow Teacher of the Month: Heather Schultz

Alliance Title and Escrow Teacher of the Month: Heather Schultz

Clarkston, WA - Pacific Empire Radio and Alliance Title and Escrow had the opportunity to present Healther Schultz from Heights Elementary School with Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Schultz was awarded a certificate of achievement from Alliance Title and Escrow, a personalized stamp from Printcraft Printing, a $50.00 gift certificate to McDonald’s of the Valley, a $100 gas card from Nez Perce Express, and a custom Dynamic Physical Therapy Fall mug!

Lewiston, Lapwai, Asotin, and Clarkston School Districts are the schools participating in the Teacher of the Month program.  If you would like to nominate a teacher from one of these school districts, a nomination form can be filled out on One teacher will be chosen each month based on nomination letters received through

Here is the letter of nomination that was received for Mrs. Schultz:

It is my honor and privilege to nominate Heather Schultz as Teacher of the Month (NOTE: I consider her as Teacher of the Year!) I wanted to nominate Heather back in May, but my time was consumed in preparing for my retirement, that I didn't get it done. So I want to take the opportunity to do it now. Heather Schultz is the Special Education teacher at Heights Elementary in Clarkston. This is her 19th year as a teacher. She is responsible for all the K-6 special ed. students. Some years she has been responsible for over 60 students. Her dedication to her students is unparalleled! She usually is one of the first to arrive, and last to leave each day! She is not only in charge of all the I.E.P.'s (Individual Education Plans), but is also in charge of setting up and leading all I.E.P. meetings with her students, their parents, teachers, and support staff. Heather has also been instrumental for initiating, and teaching the staff, on implementing the Zones of Regulation curriculum (dealing with social-emotioal disorders). Now let me tell you my story involving Heather Schultz. Last year I had a special needs student who had an extreme anxiety disorder. At the start of the school year, this student would run from my regular classroom due to his anxiety disorder. So Heather Schultz took him under her wings. She went way beyond the call of duty by having him down in her classroom where she could work with him on overcoming his anxieties. Using the Zones of Regulation color-coded method of de-escalation, her loving, dedicated efforts for this boy produced "amazing" results! The student returned to my regular classroom mid-year, and spent the rest of the year in my class nearly full time. Thus, Heather's efforts were instrumental in making both the student's and my year successful! Better yet, this boy now has the life skills and tools, to deal with his anxiety disorders, thus paving the way for a successful educational pilgrimage! Therefore, it is with "joy," I nominate Heather Schultz as Teacher of the Month! I would like to add to humble Heather, "Yes, you deserve this!!!"

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