Avoid an Unexpected Tax Bill Next Year – Update Your Idaho W-4

Avoid an Unexpected Tax Bill Next Year – Update Your Idaho W-4

From the Idaho Tax Commission

BOISE, IDAHO — Kick off the new year by making sure you have the right amount of income taxes withheld from your paycheck. The Idaho State Tax Commission recommends that all employees update their withholding at least yearly. If you’ve had life changes, you should update your W-4 now to reflect them.

Some life changes include: 

  • Getting married, divorced, or having a child.
  • Having a child become too old for the child tax credit. (A child must be age 16 or under at the end of the year to qualify.)
  • No longer qualifying for the "head of household" filing status. (You got married, or your dependent or child no longer qualifies you.)
  • Working multiple jobs.

If you haven’t adjusted your state withholding information to account for new tax laws enacted in 2018, you might owe more taxes when you file your 2019 return this year. Chances are you’re still using the federal W-4, which no longer works for Idaho withholding. Make sure you use the Idaho W-4 to change your state withholding. Updating your Idaho W-4 early this year could help you avoid a surprise in 2021.

You can find the Idaho W-4 and related information on the Tax Commission website at tax.idaho.gov/w4. The website includes a link to the federal W-4, so you can update your federal withholding as well.  

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