WEATHER: Rain and Clouds

WEATHER: Rain and Clouds

Lewiston Area:

Today: Possible rain, increasing clouds, gusts up to 23mph, possible nighttime snow. High 43/ low 32.

Friday: Possible morning snow, partly sunny, gusts up to 26mph, mostly cloudy night. 38/32.

Saturday: Possible rain and snow to 3400ft, cloudy. 40/34.

Sunday: Possible rain and snow, cloudy. 39/29.

Palouse Area:

Today: Rain, partly sunny, possible late night rain and snow to 2600ft, gusts up to 23mph. 43/32.

Friday: Possible rain and snow, mostly cloudy, gusts up to 28mph. 40/32.

Saturday: Morning snow up to 2inches followed by rain, nighttime rain and snow to 3200ft. 40/33.

Sunday: rain and snow to 2600ft, breezy, mostly cloudy. 39/27.

Prairie Area:

Today: Afternoon rain with possible nighttime snow of less than a half inch, cloudy. 42/29.

Friday: Possible snow of less than half an inch, mostly cloudy, wind up to 10mph. 37/27.

 Saturday: Rain and snow up to 2 inches. 38/30.

Sunday: Rain and snow, breezy, cloudy. 38/25.

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