Forest Service extends scoping for East Saddle Restoration Project

Forest Service extends scoping for East Saddle Restoration Project

Kamiah, Idaho (February 13, 2020) Public scoping has been extended for a U.S. Forest Service project that is designed to improve wildlife habitat, forest health, and ecological function through timber harvests and prescribed burning in the Upper North Fork Clearwater sub-watershed in Clearwater County, Idaho.

  Officials at the North Fork Ranger District of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest extended public scoping to identify issues or concerns not previously identified.

   The East Saddle Restoration project proposes wildlife habitat improvement activities through timber harvest and prescribed burning in concurrence with objectives identified in the Forest Plan on approximately 4,000 acres of National Forest System lands,” said National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) coordinator Amy Boykin.  “The project will improve wildlife habitat by management activities such as prescribed burning and harvesting timber to promote early seral vegetation, the first stage of recovery to a site that has been disturbed.  By restoring aspen stands we’ll create openings that will promote better browse for such wildlife as elk. A secondary objective is to use treatments to improve elk summer range, winter range, and calving habitat areas.”

   The Forest Service is accepting public input on the proposed East Saddle Integrated Restoration project for a 30-day scoping period.  Input received during this public comment period will be evaluated to determine if there is additional information that would inform the Decision on this project.

   More information about the East Saddle Integrated Restoration project will be posted to the official project website:

   Questions about the project, comment period, or upcoming public meetings may be directed to the North Fork Ranger District at (208)-476-8205.

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