(COLFAX, WA)- Response From the Office of the Sheriff to the Governor’s Request to “Stay at Home”

(COLFAX, WA)- Response From the Office of the Sheriff to the Governor’s Request to “Stay at Home”

Media Release | Whitman County Sheriff’s Office

These are difficult days and trying times we as a county together are facing.  Our Governor, our President and our Medical Community have requested drastic temporary measures be taken by the public to help curb this worldwide epidemic.  We as citizens should honor and respect that request. 

The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office will also honor that request by strongly encouraging community members to stay at home when not performing a necessary or essential function.  We understand the health of the community and rights of individual citizens must be appropriately balanced, which is why we are asking for compliance and self-regulation for the next two weeks.

Please stay at home if you have that option.  Limit contact with others and honor the requests and recommendations of your local, state and national leaders.  We look forward, like many of you, to the time in coming weeks where our families, schools, economy and country can move forward.

Rest assured, your local emergency responders of all disciplines are here for you and will continue to provide the necessary functions we have been tasked with.

Thanks for your cooperation and willingness to join in the process of healing, protecting and serving others.

Brett J. Myers

Sheriff WCSO

Additional Link Regarding Critical Job/Infrastructure https://www.governor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/WA%20Essential%20Critical%20Infrastructure%20Workers%20%28Final%29.pdf

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