Big Dan’s Nutrition

Big Dan’s Nutrition

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107 Thain Rd. next to Red Bento & Grocery Outlet. 
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Business Hours

10 AM - 8PM Mon-Fir, 11-6 on Sat, 12-7 on Sun.


Yes, Call 208 743 9789
curbside pickup? - Yes
Can people enter your store? - Yes

Things we are doing to make it safe for your customers

  We have 4 HEPA Rated Air Purifiers to clean the air of germs, we are also wiping down door knobs and surfaces every hr. Employees use Big Dan's Supplements to boost their immune system so they don’t get sick as we as frequent hand washing.

Other information

  - Discounts on health and wellness products. New "Liposomal Bonded" vitamins and herbs. BOGO's on select sport supplements. 
- Liposomal Bonded means that the active ingredients are protected from the stomach acid that can destroy the substance, delivering the active ingredients at 95% potency instead of only 10-50% potency like other products in standard capsule, tablet or powder. 





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