Moscow Businesses Eligible for Temporarily-Expanded Use of Public ROW

Moscow Businesses Eligible for Temporarily-Expanded Use of Public ROW

City of Moscow

(Moscow, Idaho) -- The City of Moscow has approved a program allowing businesses to temporarily expand their usage of public rights-of-way (ROW). The City Council action also allows for expanded use, with permission, of adjacent business frontages and if possible, the use of certain parking stalls to accommodate more outdoor spaces.
Developed in response to City, State and CDC guidance for public safety during the COVID-19 crisis, this program aims to lessen the economic impact of the pandemic on the Moscow business community. Expanded use of ROW areas will allow businesses to facilitate social distancing for their patrons while safely activating these public spaces with a celebratory atmosphere.
Any business interested in this opportunity can contact Tammy Gray at or 208-883-7096 to schedule a consultation. A City representative will work with the applicant to determine what options are feasible for their location and will help them fill out the requisite form:
Once a business owner has completed the form, the City Clerk can approve the installation or expansion of a sidewalk cafe or outdoor sales area. 

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