(LEWISTON) The City Plans to Modernize Normal Hill Cemetery

(LEWISTON) The City Plans to Modernize Normal Hill Cemetery

City of Lewiston

Normal Hill Cemetery has been in operation since the late 19th Century. There are over 19,000 people buried here and cover more than 40 acres. The City of Lewiston staff and Urban Forestry Commission have been hard at work to bring new and essential projects to the Normal Hill Cemetery. 

"With local and national trends moving towards cremation as an alternative to the traditional burial or interment, we are putting plans together to meet the demands of our community,” Parks and Recreation Director Tim Barker said.

Some of the projects they are working on are creating a Columbarium and a Scattering Garden. A Columbarium is a room or building with niches in it for funeral urns to be stored. A Scattering Garden is a designated area in a cemetery where people can go to scatter their loved ones cremated remains.  

"Other amenities like benches and picnic tables are things we would also like to see at the cemetery,” Barker said. “These amenities will help change the culture of the site; we want to create a park-like atmosphere"

All of the projects the city has in mind will be paid for through the Perpetual Care Funds and reorganiztion of their current budget. They state that this means no new tax dollars will be collected for the projects. 

Barker states that the projects are still in the design phase but they hope to begin construction this Fall. 

Picture Credit: City of Lewiston 

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