The LC Valley Youth Resource Center is Open

The LC Valley Youth Resource Center is Open

Press Release | LC Valley Youth Resource Center

LC Valley Youth Resource Center serves teens in the Lewis Clark Valley through a trauma-informed resource center where they receive compassion and hope while providing safety, meeting basic needs, and modeling healthy relationships. They are open at 1633 10th Avenue in Lewiston.

The LC Valley Youth Resource Center provides the following programs for Lewiston and Clarkston students ages 12-17:

  •         Drop-In Center – Every afternoon (2:30 pm -7:00 pm), the Youth Resource Center welcomes local youth to utilize showers, laundry facilities, homework spaces, and to eat after school snacks and/or join us for a family-style dinner.
  •         Overnight Accommodations – The LC Valley Resource Center hosts up to 16 displaced kids each night.  Lewiston or Clarkston students ages 12-17 who need a safe place to sleep and meet one or more of the following criteria may check in at 7:00 pm for overnight accommodations:
    • Youth who are experiencing a family crisis to the point where safety, physical health or emotional health is at risk
    • Youth who have been asked to leave their residence
    • Youth who are homeless or couch hopping from place to place
    • Youth who are being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused and need to get help
    • Other situations that are a crisis for the resident (i.e. resident is lost, resident's guardians cannot be located, etc.) 

Each night, there are 30 Lewiston/Clarkston High School Students seeking a safe place to sleep.  Some of these children are staying with friends while others are couch surfing or putting themselves at risk in potentially dangerous situations. 

Working alongside local law enforcement, local school districts, and child services, the LC Valley Youth Resource Center fills in gaps in existing services and meets fundamental needs of teens in distress in the Lewis Clark Valley.  Local youth receive compassion and hope while The Youth Resource Center provides safety, meets basic needs, and models healthy relationships.

Additional information and testimonies are available at  Please reach out if you have questions or would like to discuss the LC Valley Youth Resource Center in greater detail. 

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