Funding to Assist U of I’s "New Beginnings for Tribal Students" Project

Funding to Assist U of I’s "New Beginnings for Tribal Students" Project

News Release | University of Idaho

MOSCOW, Idaho — Sept. 16, 2020 — Degree attainment for tribal students at the University of Idaho received a boost thanks to a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

The U of I’s Office of Tribal Relations and the Native American Student Center received the $289,000, two-year grant to assist students in agriculture, natural resources, food and human sciences.

The goal of the project, “UI-New Beginnings for Tribal Students” (UI-NBTS), will be to improve the go-on rates by utilizing academic support services that engage Indigenous Ways of Learning and Knowing.

“Our Indigenous students come to U of I with rich knowledge, teachings and experiences, and it is critical that as a Western institution we recognize their talents and strengths to support their academic success,” said Sydel Samuels, Native American Student Center director.

The U of I will collaborate on the funding with the 11 MOU tribes and Washington State University’s Office of Tribal Relations, which also received a separate grant for a similar project.

UI-NBTS will support 20 tribal students through culturally responsive recruitment and retentions activities that provide: tuition and related fee support; experiential learning with engagement in Indigenous Ways of Learning and Knowing; and services that include tutoring, counseling and academic advising. Tribal graduates could return to their tribal communities prepared to address economic needs.

This project was funded to the University of Idaho by USDA NIFA under award 2020-70411-32777. The total project funding is $577,998 of which 50% is the federal share.

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