09/19/2020 - Notable Calls For The Day In Kootenai County

09/19/2020 - Notable Calls For The Day In Kootenai County

Kootenai County Sheriff's Office

Day Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to Chase Rd. after receiving a report of found drug paraphernalia. The R/P stated she located used needles while cleaning out her bathroom. Her 16YO daughter, admitted to using them a few days earlier. Deputies completed a report and charging documents for the daughter.

Deputies were requested to assist Spirit Lake PD with a large gathering due to a funeral and celebration of life. Multiple reports of domestics and fights came out. No issues were found when Deputies responded.

KCSO received multiple calls reference the large biker gathering supporting the Hells Angels at Stateline. We also received calls of a large motorcycle gathering in Cataldo.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to the intersection of Hwy 53 X Wilkinson at the request of Fire/EMS reference a medical issue in a vehicle. Upon arrival Deputies were advised an 82 year old female was being attended to by medical personnel. Unfortunately the female could not be resuscitated after having some type of heart issue. Nothing suspicious was indicated at the scene. #20-40797

Several Deputies responded to a reported Fight at N. Village. The gist of the story provided was that a granddaughter reportedly had permission to stay at her grandmother's residence, and utilize her white Nissan Murano. According to info provided, the grandmother got intoxicated, and along with an uncle on scene began an argument which was called in as a fight. #20-40833

Deputies responded to a report of shots fired, and yelling near the intersection of Rimrock X Lancaster. The area was checked and nothing found. #20-40840

A Deputy was flagged down near the intersection of Govt. Way X Miles for a report of a Fight at a local bar. Deputies learned there was not a fight, just that a male had allegedly put something in a females drink, however that story was also later refuted and the male making the allegation was asked to leave the bar. #20-40839

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: Several Deputies responded to E Shiloh Loop for a fight. A female and male got into an argument regarding male not wanting to be in a relationship. A report was taken. 20-40851

Deputies responded to W Highway 53 regarding a disturbance. It was reported a male had broken a window out of one of the trailers and was intoxicated. Contact was made with a male who arrived in town today from Colorado to see his boyfriend. The male went out drinking and was dropped off at the boyfriend’s house. He was trying to get his attention to let him inside, however, in his intoxicated state he ended up breaking the window while knocking/pushing on it. Contact was attempted with the boyfriend, but he did not answer the door. The male suspect left the area in a cab to go to a motel. A report was taken. 20-40854

Deputies took a runaway report from N. Chase Rd. The R/P called and advised her daughter had ran away again. She was signed as a runaway and entered into NCIC. 20-40861

Deputies responded to the area of Weeping Willow Ct and Hayden Lake Rd for a welfare check. An Uber driver called in to advise an intoxicated female whom he gave a ride to the location seemed confused and lost. Contact was made with the female who was highly intoxicated, but at the correct location. 20-40863

Deputies responded to W. Lancaster Rd. for a battery. Two males where at a wedding after party. One of the males is currently in a relationship with the other male’s ex. Some comments were made and ex-boyfriend punched the current boyfriend numerous times. He refused medical attention and did not want to pursue charges. 20-40865

Deputies responded to the casino for a disorderly/trespassing. A male and female were observed going into the female's restroom together by security. They were contacted and asked to leave the property, however, they refused. Tribal PD arrived on scene prior to KCSO and attempted to contact the two, but the female was highly uncooperative. Once Deputies got on scene, they attempted to detain the female in handcuffs, but she resisted. After a brief struggle they were able to get her secured in handcuffs. She was arrested for resisting/obstructing. Both were trespassed from the casino by security. 20-40866

A Patrol Sergeant was flagged down at the casino by security. A highly intoxicated male was yelling in the parking lot. The male was contacted who was in fact extremely intoxicated. He said his girlfriend and uncle left him there after an argument about winnings. The intoxicated male’s brother arrived on scene and they called for a ride. No crime. 20-40871

Deputies responded to Showgirls for a battery. A Brother and Sister had been at Nashville North earlier in the day then went to Showgirls. They claim they did not know what type of establishment it actually was so they asked another patron, if there was any other type of club around. Some sort of argument occurred and some pushing and shoving back and forth. None of the parties wanted to pursue charges. 20-40872

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