Staff Member At Webster Elementary Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19

Staff Member At Webster Elementary Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19


"Dear Parent or Guardian,

This email is to inform you that a staff member at Webster Elementary has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The individual did not acquire the infection through contact with a student or staff member or while at school. The school and District has been in contact with Public Health and anyone identified as a close contact of the diagnosed individual will receive a separate letter detailing their next steps. School and classes will remain open and appropriate building cleaning/disinfection have been completed within the last 48 hours.

While your child was not specifically identified as a close contact of the positive individual, we encourage you to watch for any symptoms of COVID-19 in your child. Those symptoms could include any of the following:

Muscle or body aches - Fever of 100.4°F or higher - nausea/vomiting/diarrhea - Sore throat - Congestion/runny nose - new loss of taste or smell - unusual fatigue – headache – cough - shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Many of these symptoms can be seen with other conditions such as allergies, we ask that you seek medical evaluation if you identify any of these symptoms. Loss of taste or smell is very specific to COVID-19 and may be described as food tasting bland, rather than not being able to taste.

If your child develops symptoms and you seek medical evaluation and/or testing, you can talk with your doctor about getting your child tested based on the potential exposure in the classroom.

Having a case of COVID-19 identified in your child’s classroom does not require any restrictions with other household members unless your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has a positive COVID-19 test.



Robert Donaldson, Ph.D

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