Increase Mobility

Increase Mobility

One of the most common reasons individuals undergo physical therapy is to increase their mobility and balance. Following surgery or a serious injury, there's usually a resting process to the recovery. During this process, the injured area might not be moved often so it can heal. This lack of mobility can cause the joint to stiffen and the muscles and tendons to shorten, which reduces an individual's range of motion.

When patients undergo physical therapy exercises, their physical therapist will help lengthen and strengthen the muscles while encouraging a fuller range of motion in the joint. The same is true of patients who have impaired mobility because of chronic or degenerative illnesses like arthritis. If an individual's joints have stiffened, a physical therapist can help gently loosen them over time through stretching and strengthening exercises.

For patients who struggle to maintain their balance, physical therapy can help them strengthen the involved muscles and become used to their gait. A variety of therapeutic exercises can make walking and mobility easier and safer.

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