Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office - Notable calls for the day 12-30-2020

Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office - Notable calls for the day 12-30-2020

Kootenai County Sheriff's Office

Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

Deputies handled a property damage crash at Ramsey Rd. and Prairie Ave. 20-54583

A Deputy handled a missing person call from E. Thomas Lane in CDA where the R/P was reporting her fiancé as missing. The male was seen yesterday by the R/P but she has not heard from him today, which was unusual. An ATL was aired and report taken. The male was later located at a job site and was fine. 20-54989

Deputies handled a PD crash at Prairie Ave. and Huetter Rd. 20-54990

Deputies responded to W. Dee St. in Hayden for a Domestic Dispute on a 911 open line. The call disconnected shortly after and since it was a 911 only phone, call-back was not successful. Deputies did not locate anyone at the residence (which was obtained via phase two at 911). Units were unable to locate the parties involved with the call. 20-54993

A CSO assisted with a slide off at Ramsey Rd. and Orchard Ave. 20-54995

A Deputy handled a slide off at Hayden Ave. and Meyer Rd. 20-54997

A CSO happened upon a two vehicle property damage crash at Prairie Ave. and Idaho St. A Deputy responded and handled the crash. 20-54998

Deputies handled a property damage crash at McGuire Rd. and Prairie Ave. 20-54999

A Deputy handled a slide off at Hayden Ave. and Happy Trail. 20-55003

A Deputy handled a cold threatening at N. Pinehurst St. between a male and his daughter's ex-boyfriend. 20-55004

A CSO assisted with a slide off on Huetter Rd. and Prairie Ave. 20-55008

Deputies responded to Marilyn Rd. and Lakeview Dr. in Twin Lakes for a vehicle vs. tractor crash. 20-55010

A Deputy responded to E. Chilco Rd. for a vehicle vs. log truck crash. 20-55015

Deputies responded to E. Fernan Hill Rd. for a single vehicle crash. 20-55017

A CSO handled a theft call at N. Castle Way in Hayden where silver earrings were stolen from the victim's mail box. There are no known suspects at this time. 20-55018

A Deputy responded to Ridgeview Dr. in Post Falls for an agency assist for Misdemeanor Probation. He transported a male to PSB for an agents warrant. 20-55022

A Deputy handled a slide off at Highway 41 and Hayden Ave. 20-55026

A Deputy responded to S. Acer Loop in Post Falls for an agency assist for Misdemeanor Probation as they located drugs during a home check. A report was completed charging the subjects with the drug possession. 20-55029

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls: A Deputy responded to a Property Damage crash on Rockford Bay Rd. #20-55055

While Dep. Kind was in route to the above call, ISP aired a stolen vehicle on Hwy 95 X Mica. The Deputy located the stolen RV near Hwy 95 X Upriver. The Deputies assisted ISP with the stop of the RV on NW Blvd. at the Mobil gas station. #20-55059

Deputies responded to E. Shiloh Lp. for a reported Verbal Domestic Dispute. While units were in route, the female half left the residence on foot towards Finucane Park. Deputies contacted all the parties involved and determined no crime had been committed. #20-55067

Deputies responded to the area of Boekel Rd. X Ramsey for a reported Slide-Off. The RP also advised Central Dispatch the male driver appeared to be intox. The Deputy arrived and located the male in the vehicle trying to get the vehicle out of the ditch. The Deputy also notice the male appeared under the influence, and then began a DUI investigation. The male was charged for DUI after providing breath samples of .286/.277. #20-55069

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded for a family dispute at W Grayeagle Rd in Twin Lakes. A male called again about his live-in girlfriend's children. One of the children had kicked a small hole in male’s bedroom door because she was having a temper tantrum about not being allowed to go to her friend's in the middle of the night. The juvenile was charged for malicious injury to property by juvenile petition. 20-55079.

While transporting the female juvenile to another residence in the Scenic Mobile Estates, Deputies contacted juveniles out walking along Highway 41. The two juveniles were contacted and related to where the juvenile from the family dispute was going. The juveniles were in possession of e-cigarettes. They were transported home and warned for curfew and minor in possession of tobacco. 20-55083

Deputies responded to N. Stinson Loop for a verbal domestic. A male called and advised his wife has dementia and was recently prescribed oxycodone for pain. She apparently took too much or was having some sort of adverse reaction as she began throwing things around the residence. She was checked out on scene by medical. No crime was committed and an FI was completed. 20-55080

Deputies responded to the area of the Nettleton Gulch trailhead for a suspicious male walking in the area. A male was contacted and advised he is transient, living in the woods. He was walking to town to go to the bank. 20-55092

Deputies responded to several slide offs, traffic hazards and property damage crashes.

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