Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Notable Calls for 2/6/21
Garrison Hardie

Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Notable Calls for 2/6/21

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The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office Responded to the following notable calls on 2/6/21.

Day Shift handled the following notable calls:  

A Deputy responded to a possible trespassing/grand theft of timber in the area of 1st X Lorraine.  The owner's employee called to report someone possibly cutting wood without permission.  No signs of woodcutters were found and the owner was unable to be reached.

Deputies responded to a 2 vehicle collision at Atlas X Hayden.  Upon arrival, no collision was located, however, a license plate was found.  The company who owned the vehicle was located and driver was contacted.  

A Deputy responded to N. Hauser Lake Rd. after the RP found that his storage unit had been broken into and several items taken.  Items included car parts and other household items.  

A Deputy handled a citizen dispute at the apartments on Tobler Rd.  Two 70 YO residents had words where one threatened to beat the other one up.  Neither party wanted any action taken, but wanted the situation documented and LE notified.

Deputies responded to Triple Play for a report of a 9YO attacking people and out of control.  Upon response, the child was throwing a temper tantrum and no one was in danger.  He was released to his parents after he calmed down.

Deputies responded to a verbal domestic dispute in the area of HWY 53 X Fowler.  Upon arrival, it was determined that the dispute was in regards to jointly owned property.  Parties were separated and an FI completed.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:  

Deputies responded to a reported Traffic Hazard near Ramsey Rd. X Diagonal Rd. for a blue sedan stuck on the tracks.  Contact with BNSF was made however it was too late as the train had already struck the vehicle.   After investigating, units determined an elderly female was following directions on a GPS unit, and turned down the tracks.  Luckily another motorist got her out of her vehicle before the train hit it.   The area was closed to traffic for some time, however very luckily non-injury.  #21-05918

Multiple units along with some units from ISP responded to the area of Hayden X Reed for a reported Citizen Dispute in the roadway with vehicles involved blocking the road and reportedly multiple "teenagers" in the roadway. An update was there was possibly 40-50 people involved.  On scene no dispute was located.  There was a DJ or some type of music fest/party occurring at a residence on N. Reed.  Aside from some vehicles parked along the shoulder of the roadway, no issues were found there was just a vehicle and one male walking back towards the residence.  After speaking with one of the occupants of the vehicle, they advised there had possibly been someone hit with a bottle earlier, however that person could not be located.  A Deputy was able to make contact with an occupant inside, and then several people emerged from the residence and left the location at the request of the homeowner.  #21-05930

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:  

Deputies responded to the casino for a reported disturbance. Prior to their arrival Tribal PD arrived on scene and detained the individuals involved. A male and female were contacted and it was determined nothing physical between them had occurred. Marijuana was located in their room by casino security. The marijuana was seized and no charges were filed due to the circumstances of how the marijuana was located. 21-05934
A Deputy contacted a suspicious vehicle that was blocking the road at Hollister Hills and Highway 53. He contacted the driver who exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. She advised she had been involved in a domestic with her husband earlier in the city of Post Falls. She was arrested for DUI. 21-05936

Deputies responded to Stateline Showgirls for a battery. The manager advised he attempted to escort a female out of the establishment for bringing in her own alcoholic beverage and when he began to lead her out, she turned and punched him in the face.  The manager wished to pursue charges so she was charged for battery. 21-05943

Deputies responded to W. Driftwood Dr. for a possible burglary in progress. An R/P called and advised she was at home alone and her alarm went off and she believed someone was in her house. When Deputies arrived, they checked the perimeter and discovered all doors and windows to be secure. No signs of anyone being outside the residence or attempting entry. 21-05944

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