’I’m here live, I’m not a cat." Says Lawyer on Zoom Call
Garrison Hardie

’I’m here live, I’m not a cat." Says Lawyer on Zoom Call

This Video has taken the Internet by Storm

Most everyone has probably at least heard of this video by now, but I thought it important to share with those who maybe haven't! Attorney Rod Ponton showed up for a virtual court hearing over Zoom, only to realize that he looked like a cat. 

While in real life he is a human, to other participants of the video call — including Judge Roy B. Ferguson of the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas — he looked like a cat. Specifically, a white cat with gray markings and large, despairing eyes.

"Mr. Ponton, I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings," the judge said.

The sad looking kitten opened his mouth but said nothing, as its adorable eyes darted back and forth across the screen.

"Can you hear me, judge?" Ponton asked, appearing as the forlorn feline.

"I'm here, live, I'm not a cat," he said a few seconds later.

This is arguably the greatest video I have ever seen. Hopefully it brightens somebody's day out there! Unfortunately for Attorney Rod Ponton, the poor guy will now probably be charged with meow-practice. 

The video is attached below: 


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