Lewiston Road Closures
Garrison Hardie

Lewiston Road Closures

City of Lewiston


  • Vineyard Drive, from Bailey Drive to Hillcrest Road (CLOSED)
  • 29th Street, from Country Club Drive to Meadowlark Drive (CLOSED)
  • 11th Avenue, from Prospect Avenue to Snake River Avenue (CLOSED) 
  • 10th Street, from Miller Grade to 7th Avenue (CLOSED) 
  • 5th Street Grade (CLOSED) 

As the storm continues, plows will be out removing snow. It is important to remember that plows are set to plow close to ground level, NOT directly on the pavement. This helps to avoid disastrous impact with utility lids/valves. To address snow/ice that may remain after plowing, sand and deicer may be used. 

If you don’t need to go out, please stay warm and safe at home. If you do need to go out, plan for additional time, drive with caution, and remember there’s nothing more important than keeping yourself and those sharing the road with you safe.

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