Sunshine Disposal Playing Catch-Up Today During Winter Weather
Garrison Hardie

Sunshine Disposal Playing Catch-Up Today During Winter Weather

According to a Sunshine Disposal Representative

LEWISTON, ID - Yesterday, Sunshine Disposal was shut down due to the weather. The last time they were shut down was during the winter of 1996. 

Today, according to a Sunshine Disposal representative, they will be running their normal Tuesday garbage pick-up routes, but they will also be running an extra truck and extra hours in order to catch up for Monday's missed routes. Sunshine Disposal will also continue the catch up efforts for Monday's closure tomorrow the 17th. 

Remember to drive carefully when around other vehicles in the snow, and make sure to give Sunshine Disposal trucks enough room so they can work as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Daily Fly attempted a call to Naslund but was unable to get through. 

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