Biden Begins Gun Control Push Including a Ban on "Assault Weapons"
Garrison Hardie

Biden Begins Gun Control Push Including a Ban on "Assault Weapons"

President Biden made a statement on gun laws this past Sunday.

On the third anniversary of the Parkland School shooting, President Joe Biden pointed to the  continuing “epidemic of gun violence” and calling on Congress to pass strict “commonsense gun law reforms,” including a ban on "assault weapons." Biden also called for laws that would require background checks for all gun sales (many states already require this), ending immunity for gun manufacturers “who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.”, and banning high-capacity magazines. 

“Today, as we mourn with the Parkland community, we mourn for all who have lost loved ones to gun violence,” Biden said in a statement on the anniversary of the day when a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14, 2018 and killed 17 people. His administration “will not wait for the next mass shooting” to take action, Biden added. “We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change. The time to act is now.”

Biden made it a point throughout his campaign to talk about the need to take action when it came to decreasing gun violence in America. Biden's administration hasn't exactly outlined how they plan to make this a reality, especially since they would need 10 Republicans to approve any bills in the senate. On top of that, according to a recent Gallup Poll, support for stricter gun laws were at their lowest since 2016.  

Still, anti-gun violence activists see momentum. “This meeting provided more evidence that the Biden Administration is committed to being the strongest we’ve ever seen on gun safety,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, of Wednesday's meeting. “With Covid making gun violence worse and armed extremists literally holding our democracy at gunpoint, the time for action is now — and we fully expec t to see it soon.”

These proposals likely won't come into the picture for some time, but a battle over guns certainly looms in the horizon.

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