Did You Know, if You Put Grapes in the Microwave, They Catch Fire?
Garrison Hardie

Did You Know, if You Put Grapes in the Microwave, They Catch Fire?

What you do with this information is none of my concern!

I stumbled across this random factoid while scouring the web and thought maybe some of you would find this interesting. Apparently, if you microwave grapes, they'll catch fire! "How does that happen?" Some of you may ask. Scientists have the answer.

According to Sciencemag.org, "Water-heavy grapes trap the wavelengths of energy microwave ovens emit because the waves are roughly the same size as the diameter of grapes. That energy starts charging up electrolytes inside the fruit, which then flow from one half of the grape to the other—using the strip of skin like an electrical wire and gaining energy as they go. The current quickly burns through the skin, causing the charged electrolytes to try to jump from one half of the grape to the other, supercharging the surrounding air into a bright flare of plasma—the same light-emitting state of matter responsible for the sun’s rays and fluorescent lighting." 

To test the hypothesis, researchers put grapes into microwaves and watched what transpired with thermal cameras. Scientists would go on to find that grapes could produce plasma, as long as they remained within 3 millimetres from the other. Those thermal cameras I mentioned earlier would reveal a hot spot between the grapes due to a buildup of electromagnetic energy. According to physicists, when two grapes are close to one another in a microwave, the waves they absorb bounce back and forth in the close quarters between them, creating an increasingly powerful electromagnetic field. This continues until the energy created becomes so powerful, that it supercharges nearby electrolytes that then erupt into a brief fiery explosion of plasma. 

The researchers reported their findings to the National Academy of Sciences. 

So, if you decide to go out and try this experiment, we here at Daily Fly take NO responsability to the results of your experiment. We wash our hands of this! 

Attached is a video of this interesting phenomena: 


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