Capitol Police Investigating Russ Fulcher for Shoving Officer
Garrison Hardie

Capitol Police Investigating Russ Fulcher for Shoving Officer


BOISE, ID - Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher (R-Idaho) is one of two United States representatives being investigated by U.S. Capitol Police.

The initial report came from Huffington Post reporter Matt Fuller, who alleges Fulcher forcefully shoved a U.S. Capitol policewoman inside the Capitol, less than a week after the January 6 protests broke into the Capitol grounds.

The House of Representatives was set to vote on a resolution, urging then Vice President Mike Pence, to invoke the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump.

Members of Congress were instructed to go through newly-installed metal detectors, which were placed there after the Capitol was breached. Some members were displeased with these new security measures, according to Fuller.

Fuller would go on to allege, that he saw at least 12 House members - who were all Republican - either set off the alarm and keep moving, or avoided the security measures altogether.

One of those lawmakers, was Fulcher.

Fulcher allegedly passed through the detector, not stopping, then shoved a Capitol Policewoman out of his way as he made his way to the chamber. The encounter reportedly shook the officer to tears, this again according to Fuller.

The next day, Fulcher posted the following tweet: "Member screening puts our capitol police in an awkward position of screening those they are to protect, re-directs resources away from outside threats, and implies members are a threat to one another… a notion I reject."

He would go on to call Capitol Officers heroes and stated that he was unaware of any rude interactions between representatives and Capitol Police. He didn't directly acknowledge the Huffington Post report.

Fast forward to February, Fuller reported via twitter, that Capitol Police are investigating Fulcher over the allegations made that he shoved the officer.

Fuller tweeted out, "The interaction has definitely stuck with me, because he was very aggressive, yes, but also because that officer was pretty disturbed too. I tried to ask her about it after, and while she wouldn’t say anything, she nearly had tears in her eyes."

Fulcher's office responded to the report on Wednesday night, stating in part:

We are not aware of any investigation or interest other than a social media tweet. Should there be further inquiries, we look forward to formally setting the record straight on these fabricated media accusations. However, please keep in mind in this majority-driven hostile political environment, neither truth nor fairness is the objective.


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