DEVELOPING: Clarkston PD Responding to Potential Gun-Shot Report
Garrison Hardie

DEVELOPING: Clarkston PD Responding to Potential Gun-Shot Report

CPD Radio Chatter

CLARKSTON, WA - Clarkston Police are responding to a report that someone heard six or so gun shots coming from the Hillview RV Park. Witnesses say that it sounded louder than a firework with a distinct "booming" sound. Police units are en route to the area, and this post will be updated when more information is made available. 

UPDATE: According to Clarkston Police Chief Joel Hastings, officers were unable to locate anything. Further more, when officers spoke to residents at Hillview RV Park, they stated they didn't hear anything. Chief Hastings thinks it's possible geese hunters down by the river may have been hunting, which caused the loud booming sound. Hastings also said that the sound of the geese hunters shooting "can really carry", at certain points along the river. 

I was able to witness an increased presence of Clarkston Police in the area, as they are likely patrolling just in case. 

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