Asotin County Sheriff Sergeant and Local Business Owner Team Up to Help a Resident in Need
Garrison Hardie

Asotin County Sheriff Sergeant and Local Business Owner Team Up to Help a Resident in Need

Part of our new feel good Friday series.

LEWISTON, ID - Snow has hammered much of the U.S. in the past couple of weeks and our region has seen its fair share as well. For many homeowners in our region, this means lacing up their snow boots, grabbing a snow shovel, and clearing their driveways, walkways, sidewalks, etc. Clearing a driveway is NOT a fun task. It's hard work. As a result, there are some in our community who are no longer physically able to do any of the above tasks. This was the case when Sergeant Cory Kingsbury of the Asotin County Sheriff's Office and Kyle Cromer, owner of The Work Shop & Sons, teamed up to help an elderly woman in need.

On Thursday, February 18th, 2021, Sergeant Kingsbury got a call for a welfare check on an elderly woman in the Valleyview area. According to reports, she had been stuck in her home for days and was running low on supplies. "When I got to her residence, she was out in her driveway, trying to shovel snow with a dust pan." Said Sergeant Kingsbury, who responded to the call along with his partner Levi Frary.

"She was an 85 year old woman, who was also caring for her 65 year old disabled son. She hadn't been able to go get groceries for them in days because of the snow in their area, and the only car they had available to them was a 30 year old rig with no snow tires."

As the deputies assessed the situation, Kyle Cromer arrived on the scene. The elderly woman had originally reached out to Kyle to see if he could come plow her driveway. Cromer gave her a quote, but his heart was telling him different. "As I thought more about it and talked it over with my wife, it felt more and more like this was a job I shouldn't charge her for." said Cromer.

As Cromer arrived, Sergeant Kingsbury told him that he and his partner Levi were going to go get groceries and asked how much it would cost to pay for the plowing as well. "Not only did he pay for her groceries in full, but he also offered to pay for the snow plowing as well. What an awesome gesture." Said Cromer of Kingsbury in a Facebook post. Despite the generous offer from Kingsbury, Cromer declined, and told Kingsbury that he was doing this job for free.

"It just felt like the right thing to do." Cromer said.

So the three of them teamed up. Sergeant Kingsbury and his partner Levi Frary got the groceries the woman desperately needed, and Kyle gave his time and equipment to clear her driveway of the snow that had blocked her in. Not only that, but Mr. Cromer also plans to check in on the woman this weekend with snow in the forecast.

"I just want to make sure she has the food she needs or isn't blocked in again." Cromer stated.

How's that for a feel good Friday story? The Asotin County Sheriff's Office must be very proud to have someone like Sergeant Kingsbury in their ranks. Cory's partner Levi should be commended as well, as he added his own money in to help purchase the groceries with Kingsbury.

As for Kyle Cromer, if you need any construction or renovation done, I'd give him a call. Because if this story is any indication of the kind of person he is, you know he'll do right by you. His business is called The Work Shop & Sons, LTD. Their phone number is 208-553-3947, or you can reach him by email at

Lastly, I want to use this story as a reminder for all of us as a community, to check in on one another with the potential of more snow over the weekend. Your neighbor may not be able to get out and shovel snow themselves.


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