Helicopter-Logging Operations Set to Begin Near Lightning Creek Soon
Garrison Hardie

Helicopter-Logging Operations Set to Begin Near Lightning Creek Soon

USDA Press Release

KAMIAH, Idaho (April 6, 2021) – Timber officials on the Nez-Perce-Clearwater National Forests advise the public to be aware of helicopter logging operations in the Blacktail area near Lightning Creek beginning within the next two weeks.

The public is encouraged to use caution when traveling Forest Service Road (FSR) 415 along with FSR 244 down Lightning Creek to Highway 13. Logging crews will be working in the area and will use the Citizens Band (CB) channel 4 for communications.  Felling operations will commence for about a week prior to the helicopter arriving to begin moving logs to the landing, where they will be loaded onto trucks for transport.

The Denny Stewardship timber sale is part of the Blacktail Fuels Reduction Project, which encompasses 16,561 acres and will use timber harvest, pre-commercial thinning, understory slashing, and prescribed burning to reduce the threat of wildland fire and initiate restoration of fire-adapted ecosystems in the wildland-urban interface.

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