Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Notable Calls for 5/3/21
Garrison Hardie

Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Notable Calls for 5/3/21


The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office received the following notable calls on 5/3/21: 

Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

Units responded to a custodial interference report a male and female. They do not communicate as stipulated in the custody order and their son refuses to go with mom on the days she has visitation.

Units responded to a physical domestic between a husband and wife. The R/P called in to say her estranged husband showed up at her residence after being gone for about a year and "punched her in the top of the chest." Apparently, a passerby witnessed the event and shouted at the male "let her go." Once on scene and after taking statements, a warrant was requested.

Evening and Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

A Deputy responded to a trespassing/unwanted person. A female was at the residence and was asked to leave by the new owners. When she refused, the R/P got angry and they had to call KCSO to have her trespassed. The Deputy responded to the scene and determined the female had no legal standing on the properties and formally trespassed her from both properties. The female called in several times to complain about the situation. The basis of her complaint was that she has lived here her whole life and now a new neighbor showed up and says she trespassed. She appeared to be intoxicated on the phone and did not want to listen. She called the 911 emergency line twice "demanding help" then called in on the non-emergency line asking for help.

Deputies responded to Wal-Mart for a female in the passenger seat of a car that was passed out in the parking lot. Call notes stated there was "scorched tinfoil “next to the female. The female was contacted and admitted to more paraphernalia in the vehicle. While searching the vehicle, the RO arrived at the car. While doing the pat search on the male, the Deputy located some stolen items from inside the store in which the male admitted taking. Both were cited and released for the paraphernalia and Wal-Mart did not wish to pursue charges. One of the items taken was Orajel because the female had a toothache. The Deputy purchased the Orajel for the female so she could get some relief from her toothache.

Deputies responded to a residence on North Fay Place regarding a reported battery. Once on scene, Deputies learned two brothers had been involved in a physical fight. They learned the two brothers were fighting over items at the residence when one of them punched the other in the face. The other brother then spits in his brother's face. Both brothers want to issue citations to each other so they were both cited with Battery.

A Deputy responded to a reported stolen vehicle. The R/P reported, while he was working on a job site in the area, an unknown person (s) stole his unsecured 2000 Chevrolet Impala. Before the Deputy completed the report ISP advised us they had located the vehicle, unoccupied, on Interstate 90 near Mile Marker 8. At the request of the owner, the vehicle was towed by Reliable Towing.

A Deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle near the intersection of West Seltice Way and West Ante Road for speeding. Upon contact with the driver, the Deputy could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The Deputy also learned he had an active warrant out of Kootenai County for trespassing with property damage. The driver was arrested for his warrant and drug paraphernalia was located inside his vehicle

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