Juvenile Leads Lewiston Police on Slow-Speed Chase in Golf Cart
Marisa Lloyd

Juvenile Leads Lewiston Police on Slow-Speed Chase in Golf Cart

The chase went up 21st street before finally coming to a stop.

LEWISTON, ID - Parents of a local juvenile are sure to be happy that their child is home safely after the juvenile took a golf cart out for a bit of a joy ride over the weekend. 

According to witnesses who spoke to Daily Fly, "We were at Lewis-Clark Auto Sales when we saw it, but we had heard it was going on for a while before we came on to the scene." 

The juvenile slowly lead Lewiston Police up Thain Grade, to the point where officers would attempt to get out of their cruisers to make contact, only to find that the golf cart was on the move again. Lewiston Police finally caught up with the juvenile suspect and the chase was concluded. 

In a brief phone call with Daily Fly News, Captain Rick Fuentes spoke on the pursuit. "The child had a disability, so this was not a criminal case by any means. Just a kid out having a good time. Fuentes commented. 

Fuentes also praised the efforts of the officers involved in the pursuit. "The officers responding to the scene performed an excellent stop. One of the officers got out ahead of the chase because it was clear the child was not going to stop. He got out of his cruiser, and then jumped into the golf cart with the child, bringing the cart to a stop."

Police released the juvenile back to their parents.

"We're just happy that no one got hurt, especially the kid," Fuentes added. 

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