Pullman PD Helps Citizens Co-Exist with Local Wildlife
Edwin Everhart

Pullman PD Helps Citizens Co-Exist with Local Wildlife

Pullman Police Department

PULLMAN – The Pullman Police Department receives many calls each year from residents experiencing wildlife issues. It is important for residents and visitors to know how to safely and respectfully co-exist with our wild neighbors.
Although not a main food source, unsupervised small domestic pets are at risk of falling prey to wild animals. The best way to mitigate this risk is for owners to house pets indoors, or supervise small domestic animals while outside. Residents with a permit to keep chickens within Pullman city limits will experience a natural draw of wildlife to their property. Chicken owners should take extra precautions to fortify coops and runs from entry, and secure all chicken feed supplies. If wildlife become a persistent nuisance, contract trapper services may be an option.
For the safety of animals and humans, it is best never to pick up or relocate a wild animal, unless in eminent danger. Always call for assistance before touching or moving wild babies. In the case of an injured animal, additional movement or handling may cause further physical harm. Leave the animal where it is, and call for assistance.
The presence of some wild animals may pose a substantial threat to humans. When these animals are present within the community, an officer may be dispatched to monitor the situation and report it to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as appropriate. Please report sightings of moose, bear, elk, and cougar right away.
Pullman code enforcement officers are trained in animal control tactics related to domestic animals, not wildlife. They can provide guidance to address wildlife concerns, as can the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. If you have concerns about an exotic animal living within Pullman city limits, code enforcement officers are available to answer your questions.
The Pullman community is very fortunate to have the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a local resource. The Pullman Police Department encourages civilians to confer with the trained and knowledgeable staff at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital before transporting any wild or unfamiliar animal.

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