Silcott Fire Now 80% Contained but Hard Road Ahead for Dry Gulch
Marisa Lloyd

Silcott Fire Now 80% Contained but Hard Road Ahead for Dry Gulch

Fire Meeting

CLARKSTON - After a long hard 3 days Sillcott Fire is now 80% contained, however, there is still quite a bit of work to be done. 

At the public meeting to discuss fire updates in the region Friday, Asotin County Fire District 1 Chief Noel Hardin stressed this was the worst fire the area has ever seen.

"I have been doing fire here for 36 years, and grew up around here," Chief Harden said. "I have never seen as much fire on the ground that there is right now" 

As of now, the Dry Gulch fire is growing 5,000 acres a day to the southwest towards 42nd road. While the Silcott fire is ready to be handed back to local agencies tomorrow at 80% containment. 

The Dry Gulch fire is becoming growingly problematic because of the terrain around the fire. This is not a fire that you can drive to. Firefighters are having to throw on their backpacks and hike to the areas engulfed in flames leaving them tired upon arrival. Containing this fire will not be an overnight success. Emergency personnel mentioned that this will be a big fire and there isn't a way around that. However, they will be doing everything they can to ensure that lives and property stay safe. 

Emergency personnel are working effortlessly to contain this fire, however, there will be smoke in the valley for quite some time. Due to the trees being so receptive to flame, logs being bone dry, and the extreme heat over the last 60 days, fires have been able to flourish. Everything is being consumed in the fires which is rare for this time of year. Even the humidity that we saw today is here to stay for the next several days. 

Community is the biggest factor in the containment of these fires. Community members and emergency personnel have been working together to ensure success. A couple that owned land in the Asotin Creek area said they had evacuated Wednesday and left what they could to help emergency responders. 

"We left a note on the door with our phone number if they need the key and supplies inside," the couple said. "Even if it burns that's okay, it burned to help others". 

Fire crews from numerous departments are continuing to work on containment and will keep updating as they can. 


Current evacuations;

- Level 1 (Get Ready) - Clarkston Heights area

- Level 2 (Get Set) - Cloverland area 

-Level 3 (Go) - Asotin Creek area 

New information regarding evacuations will be updated in the morning. 

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