Dead deer Found Kamiah Areas are Being Test for Disease
Marisa Lloyd

Dead deer Found Kamiah Areas are Being Test for Disease

Idaho Fish and Game

KAMIAH -- Based on continuing reports of dead deer, Idaho Fish, and Game officials estimate up to 50 to 100 whitetails have died near the Kamiah area.

Idaho Fish and Game wildlife staff is working on testing the dead animals to confirm the cause of death. At this time, tests have come back negative for both Bluetongue and Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD). Tests were also negative for Adenovirus Hemorrhagic Disease, which is a similar hemorrhagic disease and been known to occur in Washington. Additional tests are being conducted at this time to determine the causes of death. 

"We know this is going on, but we don't know yet what's causing it and will be working to get an answer to that question as soon as possible," said Clay Hickey, Regional Wildlife Manager. 

Fish and Game biologists continue to monitor the situation and test some carcasses as they find them, or are reported. 

It is difficult to get the exact number of diseased or dead animals, but it appears to be a localized situation at this time. Idaho Fish and Game will provide updates as more information is available. Contact the Clearwater regional office (208) 799-5010 to report a sick or injured deer. 

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