Forest Service Roads Accessible During Windy Shingle North Timber Operations Near Riggins
Marisa Lloyd

Forest Service Roads Accessible During Windy Shingle North Timber Operations Near Riggins

US Forest Service

KAMIAH  – If you’re heading to the Seven Devils/Windy Saddle area for archery hunting season or any other reason, please be aware that although access to Forest Service Road 517 (FSR 517), locally known as the Seven Devils Road is open during the Windy Shingle North timber operations, you may encounter some delays on both FSR 517 as well as FSR 2109.

The Windy Shingle project area outside of Riggins, Idaho, was identified as one of the Governor’s priority landscapes for improving forest health.  The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests project addressed forest health issues and was designed to decrease fuel loading to reduce the risk to local communities of high-intensity wildfire. The project combines thinning stands to reduce ladder fuels and reforesting insect and disease impacted areas with trees adapted to frequent, low-intensity fires.

In addition to improving forest conditions, the project provides economic benefits to local communities and the public through employment and marketable forest products.

“We know that this is an important access point for Forest users and are trying to balance the timing of these closures with short-term access needs and long-term benefits from the project,” said Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor Cheryl Probert. “After this project is completed, access and drainage will be improved on over 38 miles of roads and we will have reduced fuels on almost 1000 acres, in a way that provides benefits to both communities and habitats.”

The public will have vehicle access to FSR 2109 until it the normal seasonal closure on September 15; however, between the hours of 5 am to 4 pm local time, travelers may encounter a delay of up to four hours due to logging operations. According to Timber Sale Contracting Officer Mark Craig, going before daylight or after work hours should minimize the potential for delays. 

After the road is closed on September 15th, the gate may be left open as contractors are logging and hauling timber from it.  This does not mean that the road is open to the public, however, and there will be a “Road Closed” sign at the entrance. For public safety, signs will be posted in all areas with active equipment and a CB channel will be posted.

Forest Service officials anticipate that the Seven Devils Road (FSR 517) will be closed to public access from Milepost 10.82 to at Mile Post 13, beginning in October for approximately six weeks.  Currently, officials anticipate evening and weekend passage will be permitted and will continue to keep the public informed as the operational plan develops for that stretch of road.

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