International Ampersand Day with Ampersand Oil and Vinegar
Marisa Lloyd

International Ampersand Day with Ampersand Oil and Vinegar

Ampersand Oil and Vinegar

LEWISTON – Ampersand Oil and Vinegar located in Moscow and Lewiston is a local one-stop shop for cooking essentials, education, and everything in between.

With the Lewiston Ampersand being the newer of the two locations, they offer more than just a typical storefront. There is a seating area individuals can enjoy various wine, beer, and cheese boards. A plethora of shelves filled with cookbooks, specialty salts, rubs, and more. As well as, their famous wall of oil and vinegar on tap.

Oil from Ampersand can be used for just about anything. From cooking, roasting, grilling, even baking, and more, there is an oil for every occasion on tap.

Their most popular flavor, caramelized garlic, has a punchy taste that will make any dish taste better. The maple bacon-infused oil is also a kitchen must-have. This oil paired with a dish as simple as a chicken breast will be sure to make your mouth water.

“We really have something for everyone,” said Manager Kaitlin Harris. “What oils you like heavily depends on your pallet, however, we have options for everyone”.

Vinegar is just as essential as oils when cooking. Every dish needs acidity which is what every tapped vinegar at Ampersand brings to the table.

Barrel-aged balsamic is one of the most popular kinds of vinegar to choose from. With its thick sweet tang, any dish would benefit from it. There is also a wide variety of sweet bottles of vinegar on tap in each storefront. These can be used to complement a savory dish, as a salad dressing, mixed in drinks, and much more.

Ampersand also has rubs and salts to pair with dishes. From smoked bacon salt to an applewood smoked barbeque rub, and even sweet salts like vanilla, there are millions of combinations that can be added to your kitchen and enhance any meal.

“Food is what brings people together,” said Harris. “I get to teach people how to use our products and in turn, make people happy”.

Walking into Ampersand can feel slightly overwhelming if you are new to the world of cooking. Fortunately, all employees are highly educated on every item in the store and can help you in whatever way you may need. There are also countless cookbooks and recipes on their website to help you utilize the items you buy.

Cooking classes are offered at Ampersand throughout the month. This gives individuals the opportunity to watch a demonstration of a five-course meal in various styles that you typically don’t see in the area. From Indian, Korean, French, and more you get the opportunity to let your taste buds explore.

In the cooking class, the chef uses Ampersand products to enhance the meal. You get to relax with other members of the community, eat each course of the meal and learn how to use various products throughout the store. At the end of the demonstrations, you also get a copy of the recipes used and a discount on all products.

“Being able to educate people on styles of food they have never tasted is very fulfilling,” said Harris. “I get to use my culinary degree to create my own recipes and talk with individuals throughout the night and get to know the community”.

To learn more about Ampersand visit their stores in Moscow and Lewiston on Main St. or shop online and sign up for classes at 

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