Thursday’s Weather
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Thursday’s Weather

LC Valley:

Today: Sun and clouds with winds N at 5-10mph. Stray thunderstorms with winds SSE at 5-10mph. 92/65.

Friday: Cloudy skies with winds NW at 5-10mph, and possible showers with a 60% chance of rain. Showers at night with light winds and a 60% chance of rain. 75/57.

Saturday: Few clouds during the day with winds NNW at 5-10mph. Mainly clear skies with light winds. 79/54.

Palouse Area:

Today: Partly cloudy skies with winds W at 5-10mph. Cloudy skies with possible showers or thunderstorms and light winds. 86/59.

Friday: Cloudy skies with a 60% chance of rain and winds WNW at 10-15mph. Showers in the evening clearing as the night goes on. A 60% chance of rain with winds WSW at 5-10mph. 69/52.

Saturday: Some cloudy skies with winds W at 5-10mph. Few clouds at night with light winds. 71/48.

Prairie Area: 

Today: Clouds and sun with possible smoke and haze reducing sight. Winds NE at 5-10mph. Cloudy skies wtih showers and winds W at 5-10mph. 86/57.

Friday: Cloudy skies with stray showers and a 60% chance of rain. Winds NNW at 10-15mph and smoke or haze reducing visibility at times. Rain showers at night with clearings later on. Winds SW at 5-10mph and a 60% chance of rain. 68/48.

Saturday: Few clouds in the skies with smoke or haze reducing visiblity, and winds WNW at 5-10mph. Partly cloudy skies with light winds at night and haze or smoke reducing visiblity. 70/46.


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