What Proposition One Really Means on the Ballot in Lewiston
Marisa Lloyd

What Proposition One Really Means on the Ballot in Lewiston

Some information from a LCV League of Woman Voters video

LEWISTON – This coming election can become very confusing for the average voter on what exactly Proposition One means and how to vote for the type of mayor you want to see in Lewiston.

There are two types of government in the state of Idaho. The Mayor – Council (Strong Mayor) form and the Council – Manager form. 

Currently, Lewiston is one of three cities in the state that operates on the Council – Manager form. A City Manager (Mayor) under this form of government;

  • Does not get elected by voters. They are voted in by a majority vote within the City Council.
  • Needs a bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, however, a master's is preferred. As well as, five years of experience in municipal government.
  • Does not have administrative control for the city, the City Council does.
  • Can be removed by a majority vote within City Council.
  • Never votes or has veto power when it comes to ordnances. (local laws that govern the city)
  • Does not prepare the budget, City Council does.
  • Is not authorized to enforce health and quarantine orders. This is done by the City Council.  
  • Has a $154,400 salary, and standard employee benefits, additional benefits may be negotiated.


Voting YES on Proposition One would maintain the Council – Manager form of government Lewiston currently sees.


The Mayor – Council form is the most popular government model used in the state of Idaho. The strong Mayor under this form of government;

  • Is elected by voters, as well as the city council.
  • Needs to be a resident of the city for more than 30 days, as well as meet the common voting criteria.
  • Acts as the chief administrator for the city.
  • Can only be removed from the position by a recall election.
  • Presides over council meetings.
  • Only has the ability to vote in order to break a tie.
  • Has veto power over any ordnance. (local laws that govern the city)
  • Prepares the budget to have City Council approve.
  • Is authorized to enforce health and quarantine orders.
  • Has an $80,000 salary, with optional benefits.


Voting NO on Proposition One would change the City of Lewiston’s form of government to this Mayor – Council form of government in which an elected mayor is the chief administrative official for the city.


When you look at your ballot, the first thing you will be asked is to vote yes, or no to Proposition One, which would need a simple majority to pass.

The next question asks you to cast your vote for the event that Lewiston retains the current Council – Manager form of government, You are to pick four City Councilors for a four-year term.

The second column is asking for your vote in the event of Lewiston adopting the Mayor – Council form of government. Here you would first vote for one mayor that would serve a four-year term. Then, you will pick six candidates for City Council positions. The three individuals who receive the most votes will serve a four-year term, while the next three candidates receiving the highest votes will serve a two-year term. 

You should vote on each question regardless of how you voted on Proposition One. Whichever form of government that passes are the only votes that will count. The other question's answers will be null and voided. 

Recently, the current City Council created Ordinance No. 4819 which requires a majority vote to prevail as mayor in the event the city reverts to a Mayor – Council form of government. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote, a runoff election must be held within 30 days to determine a Mayor.


In the coming weeks, stay up to date with Daily Fly as there will be feature articles on various individuals running for positions. 

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