Dan Johnson Running For Lewiston Mayor
Marisa Lloyd

Dan Johnson Running For Lewiston Mayor

Dan Johnson

LEWISTON – Dan Johnson is running for the Mayor of Lewiston to use his extensive experience in public service as a way to represent the City of Lewiston and help it become one of the top-performing cities in Idaho.

Living in Lewiston for the past 20 years, Johnson has held various positions at the local and state level. From City of Lewiston Solid Waste Manager to Idaho State Senator, Johnson has done it all.

“I have experience in preparing budgets and leading within the City of Lewiston,” said Johnson. “If elected Mayor, it would be my job to lobby for the city, and with my background, I can do that easily within government and legislation”.

Johnson is only running for the Strong Mayor position, (Voting NO for Proposition One) because he feels an elected mayor is the best opportunity to open the line of communication between voters and government. When it comes to his position in Senate, Johnson wants to see the outcome of the election before he makes a decision. However, he will finish his current term through November 2022.

“I am running for a position that does not exist yet,” said Johnson. “If that passes and the people decided they want me to be mayor then I will evaluate. I will say if I get elected, I believe that it is going to be difficult to do both and Lewiston will always be my priority”.

The biggest issue that Johnson can see within Lewiston is individuals no longer feeling like their voice is being heard. If elected Mayor, Johnson vows to have an open-door policy and to never let a question go unanswered.

One of Johnson's biggest goals is to lower property taxes. He plans to do this by taking an in-depth look into the budgets throughout the city. With experience in preparing and approving budgets in the City of Lewiston Solid Waste Management, Johnson believes we can find ways to control spending and limit budget growth.

“When I held my first position in Lewiston,” said Johnson. “We lowered the budget rate three times, and was able to build a reserve”.  

Johnson also believes as Mayor of Lewiston working with business is essential. If elected as mayor, Johnson wants to reduce regulations for business owners to help cut costs and time out. Johnson believes if Lewiston wants to see its business thrive we need to move at the speed of business.

With having Senator experience, Johnson’s voting record is public information which has been a topic of discussion within this mayoral race. The Critical Race Theory bill is one example of this, Johnson was the only Republican to vote no, however, it was not because he believed in the ideas of CRT. He did not agree with the writing of the bill like many of his controversial votes.

“I will not vote for patchwork bills just to claim we passed something,” said Johnson. “I always will uphold the constitution of the State of Idaho. Even if it is something I support, it is not constitutional, I have to follow the laws of the state. In the end, most things come back to being nice to people and being a decent human”.

Even with COVID-19, Johnson vows to withhold the constitution of Idaho. This means he does not support mandates on vaccines and masks. He does however encourage people to make personal choices for themselves.


To learn more about Johnson and follow along with his campaign, go to his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Johnson4LewistonMayor

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