Hannah Liedkie Running For Lewiston City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Hannah Liedkie Running For Lewiston City Council

Hannah Liedkie

LEWISTON – Hannah Liedkie is running for Lewiston City Council to make the city a better place for her child’s generation and the many more to come.

Lewiston has always been home to Liedkie. After living around and within the City her entire life, she has a deeper understanding of what needs to be done to fix the issues that Lewiston is currently seeing.

Liedkie has experience working in the city, however, she didn’t originally think she would run for City Council. Currently, she serves as the chair of the planning and zoning committee which has given her the opportunity to have countless conversations with community members. Over time, she started to see solutions to the problems citizens had and decided to use the passion and love she has for the city to make a change.

“I feel like I can be a fresh young voice for Lewiston,” said Liedkie. “Being that I do run a non-profit with a budget and a board of directors, I can bring a different outlook and new experiences to City Council”.

Making Lewiston a city that rises above everywhere else in Idaho is one of Liedkie’s biggest goals if elected to City Council. Tourism is an untapped resource that Liedkie feels we need to utilize to get there. She believes that the great wineries our city holds can be a way to bring people in and build business up.

Liedkie also mentions that we need to bring more business in. She explained that citizens are currently being forced to give tax dollars to other states because there are not many places to shop within Lewiston. If elected to City Council, Liedkie vows to study what exactly is steering business away from Lewiston and find a solution.

"Tourism is being tapped by the likes of Stacia Morfin and others," said Liedkie.  "We just need to support more growth in that area". 

Air travel is another issue Liedkie is passionate about. One of the unique things that Lewiston has, is the accessibility to other states from the air. Liedkie went on to explain that if we continue to grow the airport the entire community will thrive.

“I think we are on the right road,” said Liedkie. “We just have to be excited and be held accountable. Building up the airport is a want by the community and I want to be involved with seeing it through”.

With COVID-19 being a big topic within the community, Liedkie plans to handle the issue the same as the last few months. She encourages individuals to stay home when they feel sick and to support businesses that are doing what they can. Liedkie believes that everyone should be able to make their own choices and we, as citizens, should respect that.

In regards to Proposition One, Liedkie does not encourage individuals to vote one way or the other. She just wants people to get involved.

“People need to use their voice,” said Liedkie. “I am hopeful for a good voter turnout. If the city government changes by the vote of the people, then we need to do that for the people. If there is no change, I believe this needs to be a wake-up call to the current system to change and make people feel their voices are heard”.


Follow along with Liedkie and learn more about her ideas on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/liedkielewistoncitycouncil/

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