Gabe Iacoboni Running for Lewiston City Council
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Gabe Iacoboni Running for Lewiston City Council

Gabe Iacoboni

LEWISTON -- Gabe Iacoboni is running for Lewiston City Council as a way to give back to his community in a whole new way.

Iacoboni has a passion for helping others and has always been a small-town boy at heart. With extensive experience in running non-profits, a heart of gold, and his undergrad and masters in local government, Iacoboni decided it was time to help the city he loves.

Starting off his career of giving back, Iacoboni ran a housing non-profit in Boise that worked to keep people in their homes with various relief programs. Eventually, Iacoboni moved to Lewiston when he received the opportunity to be the Executive Director of the Willow Center for Grieving Children.

The Willow Center specializes in grief support for teens and youth, however, with Iacoboni’s leadership, they are now starting classes for young adults.

The experiences Iacoboni has had with non-profits are what sparked him to run for City Council. He sees the issues within Lewiston firsthand and believes he has the solutions.

“City Council is not a job or a title,” said Iacoboni. “It is a service to the community. As someone who understands what is going on in the community beyond the major debates, I see where we can invest in the community to have the biggest impact”.

If elected to City Council, Iacoboni vows to advocate more for business development and see the City of Lewiston grow and thrive. He wants to take a deeper look at why businesses have skipped over Lewiston, or why some have left. This is the best way he believes we can bring business back into town and have them stay.

Iacoboni also believes we need to advocate more for our biggest resources such as the airport. With this investment, more growth can be realized long term. Iacoboni explained that this will help more revenue come into our local stores through job creation and economic growth.

“We need to invest in ourselves and really understand what it is business need from the city,” said Iacoboni. “If elected, I want to hold a business forum to hear first-hand what individuals think we need to adapt and grow”.

Homelessness in the valley is another issue that Iacoboni plans to tackle if elected to City Council. First, he would like to see the cap on beds lifted in shelters. Currently, the cap is 50 individuals, however, Iacoboni went on to explain that Lewiston is one of the only cities that do this.

He also wants to take a look at helping other agencies collaborate with the city to allocate funds for various projects. To limit the growth of homelessness in the Valley, he would also minimize any tax or fee increases which would increase the cost of living.

Iacoboni is also very passionate about voting for an elected mayor (NO one Proposition One). He went on to explain this is the best way for voters to ensure their voices are heard and the government has the ability to be transparent.

“Having an elected Mayor is the first step in improving local government,” said Iacoboni. “This gives voters a direct link to their elected officials”.

To also be more transparent with community members, Iacoboni wants to hold informal forums before City Council meetings to give individuals the opportunity to participate in a less formal and intimidating setting.

“A true good elected official will make time for community members to better understand how to represent the community. If elected to City Council, I promise to always be transparent and to treat the position as a service, not an entitlement”.

To learn more about Iacoboni and his views, follow along with his Facebook page or visit his website at

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