Two Men Sentenced to Prison for Aggravated Identity Theft
Marisa Lloyd

Two Men Sentenced to Prison for Aggravated Identity Theft

Idaho Department of Justice

BOISE – Two men were sentenced to 24 months in federal prison for aggravated identity theft. According to court records, Atilla Ferenc Orban, a/k/a David Babos, 37, and Hakim Slafti Hannaoui, 33, admitted that they conspired to commit access device fraud.

As part of the scheme, the defendants attached electronic devices known as “skimmers” to ATMs. Once installed, the skimmers captured the information stored on the magnetic strips of payment cards inserted into the ATMs. The defendants retrieved the information captured by the skimmers and used equipment to encode the fraudulently obtained payment card information onto the magnetic strips of physical cards.

They then used the re-encoded cards to unlawfully acquire money and other goods.

Senior U.S. District Bill R. Wilson presided over the sentencings. Orban and Hannaoui pleaded guilty to the charges on August 24, 2021.

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