Luke Blount Running for Lewiston City Council
Marisa Lloyd

Luke Blount Running for Lewiston City Council

Luke Blount

LEWISTON – Luke Blount is running for Lewiston City Council to stand up against COVID regulations. 

Blount has lived in Lewiston for nine years and has worked as a landscaper since he was about 10. He has always loved Lewiston because of the small-town feel within the community, however, he feels now Lewiston is too political. 

COVID -19 is the issue that sparked Blount to run for City Council and is the issue he has centered his campaign around. 

“I will not infringe on people's medical freedoms,” said Blount. “I will not vote for any sort of government overreach because our city workers do not need that”. 

Transparency is the last issue that Blount is campaigning on. He went on to explain that he wants to have 10-15 minutes before City Council meetings to interact with the public and answer any questions individuals may have. 

Blount also urges individuals to vote NO on Proposition One for an elected mayor. He mentioned our current form of government has disappointed him over the last two years and he believes it is time for a change. 

“My slogan is ‘no-nonsense',” said Blount. “I just want the truth like everyone else”. 


Budgets, property taxes, and homelessness were topics that Blount had no comment on. 

To learn more about Blount and his fight against COVID regulations check out his Facebook page

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