Staci Baldwin Running for Re-election to Lewiston School Board
Marisa Lloyd

Staci Baldwin Running for Re-election to Lewiston School Board

Staci Baldwin

LEWISTON – Staci Baldwin is running for re-election to the Lewiston School Board to continue her passion for giving back to the community and supporting the cities youth.

Being a Bangel through and through the Baldwin family lives to help the Lewiston community. Baldwin and her husband both graduated from LHS and have continued to love and support the community every day since. 

Baldwin and her husband started the Jackson Pay It Forward Foundation after their son’s death in May of 2006. Their foundation has raised over a million dollars to assist families in the local, and surrounding communities by lightening the financial burden caused by serious injuries or illnesses.

Being a part of the school board for the last seven years has been another way for Baldwin to help the community. She went on the explain that Lewiston is a small enough community that people care deeply about what happens in town, making her time on the school board even more memorable.

“Being on the school board has been an all-around great experience,” said Baldwin. “I would do anything for the kids in the valley and being a part of Lewiston’s school board has been the best way to do it”.

During her seven years on the board, Lewiston now offers all-day kindergarten to help boost early learning. They were able to pass the bond for the new high school and most importantly, the board was able to keep kids in face-to-face learning all of last year. 

Students mentally and academically suffered after COVID and being on the school board Baldwin had the opportunity to see that first hand. Students and parents came to board meetings and explained how they are struggling on all accords.

Over the past year, Baldwin and the rest of the School Board have taken a new focus on mental health. There are extra councilors being hired and new programs being implemented to help teachers recognize issues. She also mentioned that the board needs to have conversations with parents about mental health in the age of social media and how toxic it can be to their children.

“School is sometimes a place where kids have the only hot meal and warm place to stay for the day,” said Baldwin. “Not being able to have that connection with other kids and teachers really took a toll on children. I am excited for the new programs we have implemented this year, however, there is still more to be done”.

Baldwin also believes that parents need to get more involved within the school systems again. Over the last two years, parents were forced to step back, however, Baldwin mentions now is the time to come back.

“Schools always pull big crowds for athletic events, but never for academic events,” said Baldwin. “Continuing to support and promote more of these events on the school board could help kids in the long run”.  

To learn more about Baldwin’s extensive experience helping the Lewiston community and learn more about her plans if re-elected, follow along on her Facebook

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