My Chef Steph Feeding the Valley Healthy Food on a Budget With a Smile on Her Face
Marisa Lloyd

My Chef Steph Feeding the Valley Healthy Food on a Budget With a Smile on Her Face

My Chef Steph

LEWISTON – Stephanie Wagner, also known as My Chef Steph has dedicated her life to feeding the masses with fresh farm-to-table food. 

With farming in her roots and a passion for helping others, Wagner made the decision to convert her basement into a commercial kitchen and start her business when she moved back to Lewiston about five years ago. 

“I love cooking anything that puts a smile on someone’s face,” said Wagner “However you eat is how I want to feed you. I started this business to show people I can feed people healthy easy meals on a budget.” 

Wagner focuses her business on making heat and eating meals that are affordable and healthy. With her Red Bag Delivery Service food that is fresh and delicious can be delivered right to your doorstep in Lewiston and Clarkston. Those who are outside of the Valley can also order anything on the My Chef Steph menu and pick it up at her kitchen. 

My Chef Steph also does small catering events on the weekends for those who want a little more than a meal. From dinner parties to baby and bridal showers, business lunches, and so much more, Wagner can cook you whatever you need. Whether it be a quick sweet treat on the go or meals for a whole day, My Chef Steph can do it all.

“I just love what I do,” said Wagner. “Instead of picking up a donut, I can make someone a fresh cinnamon roll. We do all kinds of things to make sure everyone gets what they want. Diet and allergy substations are one way we can help others. Considering we make everything from scratch, and use natural ingredients, I can easily make accommodations”. 

Wagner even has a plan for working individuals who struggle to pack lunches and eat healthily. For the price of a coffee and lunch out, My Chef Steph can feed you for an entire day. With breakfast, two snacks, and lunch all prepacked and ready to go. With her heart of gold, Wagner’s goal is to ensure everyone in the valley is fed well, however they may need it. 

In order to keep her average costs down, Wagner keeps her overhead costs as low as possible. With the Red Bag Delivery only about $15 for a meal and a side dish, My Chef Steph is one of the most affordable healthy, ready-made dinners you can come by. 

Wagner rotates a new menu every week and posts it to her website every Thursday and hungry individuals can order from there. It is on a first come first serve basis so, Wagner does recommend you order on Thursday to ensure you get your meal on the day you want. 

My Chef Steph also hosts cooking classes to show individuals how to cook the meals she prepares. With a minimum of four people, but up to eight or 10, community members can watch along as Wagner cooks them a meal. Each class has a different theme so you can decide what you want to learn.

“Our cooking classes are fun because I cook and you eat,” said Wagner. “I explain what we are doing and how it is done as we go. We make four-five recipes in an hour and a half and we don’t use a whole lot of ingredients. This is how I show people how to eat on a budget. 

Moving forward, at the start of the year, Wagner plans to start a YouTube channel up and post videos of her cooking new recipes, and showing individuals food does not have to be hard. 


To follow along with My Chef Steph and look more into her great meals, go to her website!/Working-Person-Survival-Packs/c/16603134

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