Firing Edge in Lewiston Working Hard for Community Members
Marisa Lloyd

Firing Edge in Lewiston Working Hard for Community Members

Firing Edge

LEWISTON – Mark Moeckli and Joe Simpson, owners of Firing Edge in Lewiston focus on a practical but tactical way of life. 

Before opening Firing Edge Moecki and Simpson were friends that would bounce around to gun shows together. The idea for the business came about initially as a popup shop, however, they ended up finding a storefront and becoming stationary. 

The store itself has just about anything an individual could need when it comes to guns, ammo, holsters, knives, and more. The aspect that makes Firing Edge so unique is the genuine customer service you receive from the owners when you walk in and their willingness to do anything to ensure you find what you need. 

“Everything about us is customer service, we drink the Kool-Aid every day,” said Simpson. “We appreciate our customers because they are a lot of fun and without them, we wouldn’t be a business. This is why we make sure to help everyone that needs it”. 

Moeckli and Simpson are the only workers at Firing Edge currently, alongside their Black Lab Minion. This ensures anytime you walk into the store you will be helped to the fullest extent with their extensive knowledge of all their items. The pair also buys and sells used guns to keep their inventory open to any budget. 

Firing Edge sells just about a little of everything usually. The supply chain shortage has put a slight restraint on what they are able to obtain, however, they keep a great deal in stock. From flame throwers, medical gear, floating targets, body armor, Black Rifle Coffee, and a plethora of unique items you won’t find in a typical gun store. 

 “If we don’t have something we can show you where it is,” said Simpson. “Our attitude is if we don’t sell you the gun we are excited that you get it no matter where it comes from.  We are also big into accessories and holstering so we can do just about anything”. 


Currently, Firing Edge is having a special on mini crossbows for 25 dollars as an early Christmas deal. Check out their store's innovatory and meet the infamous Moeckli and Simpson Tuesday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


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