LCV Beauty Aesthetics Making Women Confident and Beautiful
Marisa Lloyd

LCV Beauty Aesthetics Making Women Confident and Beautiful

LCV Beauty Aesthetics

LEWISTON – Ashleigh Strother owner of LCV Beauty Aesthetics is working to make the women in the valley feel more confident and beautiful. 

In June of 2021, Strother opened up LCV Beauty to the valley and has been busy ever since. She offers services from massages to brows, lashes, airbrush tanning, filler, Botox and so much more. 

Botox and fillers are Sterother's most common services. She explained that with Botox being one of the most preventative treatment someone can do, there are a plethora of perks to the service. 

“Botox earlier in life will prevent stagnant lines from forming,” said Strother. “Once the line is engraved in the skin, more therapies are necessary to conceal”. 

There are also medical benefits to Botox injections. Issues like TMJ (jaw clenching), tense shoulder muscles, chronic migraines, and much more can all be helped with injections. Individuals also see an abundance of health benefits from LCV Beauty’s vitamin shots. 

“We offer a variety of different shots to accommodate everyone’s needs,” said Strother. “For example, Lipo C and B12 are great for energy and metabolism help, however, they also are great for people with pernicious anemia and gut health issues”.  

LCV Beauty has recently started getting into various types of events for individuals to try their various services quickly, easily, and surrounded by their friends. Strother and her team hosted a Botox Break event today in honor of Botox Cosmetic Day. Participating individuals received 5 free units of Botox in their express appointment as well as a free boxed lunch from Ampersand Oil and Vinegar. 

Going forward, they will be doing a Black Friday sale on various services and doing a 12 days of Christmas event. LCV Beauty also does Botox parties inside of their stunning facility for groups of at least 5 people. Individuals can hang out and enjoy their brand-new space with their friends and have appointments all in one. 

One of the newest additions to LCV Beauty’s service list will be the only pain-free hair removal laser in the valley. As they are waiting for the last steps of certification to be finished, they will be demoing their laser at their various upcoming events to educate and show the benefits of pain-free laser hair removal. 

“My goal with opening is to create something that we don’t have in the valley,” said Strother. “In the future, a full-on day spa would be amazing, I don’t want people to have to leave the area to get what they need”. 

To learn more about LCV Beauty and to make an appointment go to their Instagram @The_LCV_Beauty 

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