Salted Charcuterie Working Hard to Feed the Valley
Marisa Lloyd

Salted Charcuterie Working Hard to Feed the Valley

Salted Charcuterie

LEWISTON – Nicole Burch, owner of Salted Charcuterie started her business to share her love of food with others and to be involved in the community. 

Burch graduated from the University of Idaho’s food and nutrition in 2020 and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She first started making Charcuterie boards simply because she enjoyed them. It wasn’t until her friend pushed her that Burch decided to turn her passion into a business. 

“My best friend got married in September of 2020 and she asked me to make her a board,” said Burch. “I got a bunch of compliments, so I started taking pictures and made my Instagram page and it blew up from there”. 

Salted Charcuterie started when Burch was only working part-time. Now that she has her dream job as a full-time Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and is bouncing around to seven different facilities in the area, she is working to revamp her business. 

Catering events like open houses, weddings, bachelorette parties, and so much more are all still something she plans to do. However, instead of delivering her boxes for smaller occasions like date nights, family dinners, and so on, Burch wants to work on putting more on her social media to teach her followers how to make boards themselves. 

“Salted is something I don’t want to let go it brings me so much happiness,” said Burch. “Instead I just want to focus more on teaching people. I want to do more interactive videos on my Instagram and answer questions people might have”.

Boards tend to take longer than individuals realize. Burch uses all fresh ingredients so, she does her prep right before she creates a board. Then on average, it takes about 30 minutes to put a board of medium size together. When holidays like Christmas come around, Burch mentioned she simply doesn’t sleep to get everything together for her clients, however, she loves every second of it. 

“I love what I do,” said Burch. “I have gotten to meet so many people and all of my clients are amazing. Getting to see their faces when they look at a board for the first time is one of the best feelings”. 

Individuals who want to order boxes or want an event catered can DM Burch on Instagram @SaltedLCV or follow her on Facebook at 

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