Born Again Consignment Making Community Members Feel Comfortable at an Affordable Rate
Marisa Lloyd

Born Again Consignment Making Community Members Feel Comfortable at an Affordable Rate

Born Again Consignment

LEWISTON – Born Again Resale & Consignment Owner Krystle Monda, ensures community members can shop affordably and comfortably every day.

Growing up in Clarkston, Monda has a heart of gold for the community. With her love for fashion, taking over Born Again two and a half years ago was a way for her to combine both passions into a career. 

“I have loved all things fashion for as long as I can remember,” said Monda. “Everything was always about dressing up for me. Now I can help others do it too”. 

Born Again is a consignment shop that sells others clothes for them. Everything is carefully curated and checked for stains, holes, and everything in between to ensure community members are getting the best clothing. Everything in the store is in new, or almost new condition. Items have a 60 day shelf period allowing new items to rotate in and each piece is unique. 

“You won’t find multiples of items,” said Monda. “Each item is one of a kind and people can get thrift store prices for quality clothing”.

Everything that Born Again is unable to sell within their 60-day shelf life, Monda and her team donate to Saint Vincent De Paul to ensure each item goes to someone who can use it. The Born Again team also focuses on two different donation projects for individuals in need. 

The Transformation Station is their first project. The goal is to provide clothes for people in transition. Community members can donate items to the transformation station and when Born Again sells them, the money goes into a specific account. Users can take money from the account and use it to help fund their new wardrobes. 

Born Again helps individuals feel more comfortable by offering private appointments where people can shop with an empty store. They also offer education on various aspects of transitioning like safe binding techniques, how to find clothes that fit well, and much more. Monda mentioned it is really important to her that these individuals feel safe and supported. 

Rylan West, a 22-year-old who started transitioning in September mentioned that having help like this is essential because finding clothes that fit your body while transitioning is difficult. With men’s clothes fitting differently, and his body changing, he went on to explain that shopping always feels daunting. 

The Princess Project is another donatable project community members can partake in. This gives formal wear free of charge to individuals in need for school dances, and other events. Everyone can shop the Princess Project section, however, for those who can afford to, donations of any amount are accepted to put back into the project. 

“There is nowhere to get formal wear in the valley,” said Monda. “We do need to revamp the name because we have everything from suits, vests, ties, dresses, and more. The goal is everyone who needs something, can get it here”. 

Since Born Again found their new home on Main Street in Lewiston, Monda and her team have been working on a way to rebrand Born Again in a new way. They will begin doing this with an event in December called “All I Want For Christmas Is A New Name”. 

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