B’s Bakery Taking a Unique Spin on Baking in the Valley
Marisa Lloyd

B’s Bakery Taking a Unique Spin on Baking in the Valley

B's Bakery

LEWISTON – Brittin Sager, owner of B’s Bakery is bringing pops of color filled with delicious flavors to community members in the valley.

Sager, who has lived in Lewiston her whole life, started to bake when she was around three years old and has loved it ever since. After learning more about cakes and decorating at a baking school in Spokane, Sager knew she wanted to form her passion into her own business.

“I started selling here and there and was baking out of my old job's kitchen,” said Sager. “I love being in Lewiston, so about six months after school I got my licenses and I decided to take the leap. Now, I have my own space and my business has really grown”. 

B’s Bakery has since evolved into a widely known bakery throughout the valley. Now, Sager is the sole worker in her home-based bakery. She specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, and cakesicles, for any event.

To accommodate for her growing clientele, and business as a whole, Sager now has a trailer to make her business mobile. She plans to use B’s Bakery’s Sprinkle Trailer for various events and pop-ups. She has even started hosting wedding tastings and meetings inside of the trailer. 

“This has been something I wanted to do for a long time,” said Sager. “I wanted something that I could still do pop-ups in when it is cold, and I can bring to events for an added touch. I am really excited for the new ways I can add it into the business”. 

Sager also makes monthly subscription boxes for individuals who love all things sweet. These boxes are made with a surprise flavor and customized into a theme each month. The goodies inside rotate between cupcakes and cakesickles. Community members who order them can pick up their boxes on the first Friday of every month from B’s Bakery’s Sprinkle Trailer. 

With Lewiston being Sagers' hometown, interacting with community members and showing everyone the process that goes into cake decorating is a priority. Using her Instagram, Sager shows videos of how she decorates her various custom items. Shows sneak peeks of what will be inside subscription boxes. Gives updates on what events she will be attending, and so much more. 

Due to the high volume of orders, Sager has seen, she is currently booked out for the rest of the year. However, she will be accepting orders starting December 1st for 2022. This will include event inquiries and subscription box orders. Follow her Instagram @bakingwithbrittin to learn more, or go to her website https://www.bakingwithbrittin.com

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