Joyce Kaufman Retiring After 36 Years of Going Above and Beyond for Victims in Nez Perce County
Marisa Lloyd

Joyce Kaufman Retiring After 36 Years of Going Above and Beyond for Victims in Nez Perce County

Nez Perce County Prosecutor's Office

NEZ PERCE COUNTY – Joyce Kaufman, the Nez Perce County Victim / Witness Coordinator is officially retiring after 36 years of outstanding service to the community. 

Starting December 12, 1985, Kaufman has been responsible for making victims feel comfortable and cared for in unimaginable situations. She would ensure they had all the correct information for hearings and court appearances, keep track of restitution, and much more. However, most importantly, she was a friend to those in need, a shoulder to cry on, and a warm hug and smile. 

“Joyce has always taken her role as an advocate to heart,” Nez Perce County Prosecutor, Justin Coleman said. “I’ve seen her stand up for victims through every step of the criminal justice process and she always does so professionally and with compassion.” 

Being the individual who has to share the hard truth with victims is no easy job, however, Kaufman is known as the Prosecutor’s Office MVP. She not only goes above and beyond with victims, but other staff as well. Kaufman will give pep talks to ensure everyone keeps their spirits high, offers support, and can fill in with any task needed throughout the office. 

She had a big job, making the individuals who have been through terrible situation feel like they have a voice to stand up for them is no easy task. However, she did it every day with her passion for helping others. She is a superhero to individuals throughout the County. 

“She taught me what it truly means to be an advocate for someone who is a victim of crime,” Coleman said. “That sometimes it means fighting for them and other times it can simply mean listening and making sure they are heard.”

After being with the Prosecutor’s Office for 36 years, her institutional knowledge, positive attitude, and ability to do such an incredible job with grace and a smile will be missed throughout Nez Perce County. 

“For Joyce, it’s always been clear to me that being there for isn’t just a job for her,” Coleman said. “It’s a passion she has put her whole heart into throughout her career… We’re going to miss her, however, I hope she can enjoy her retirement, it is well earned.” 

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