Airport Manager Search Underway

Airport Manager Search Underway

Last Night's Board Meeting

LEWISTON, ID – The search is underway for the new Manager of the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport.  At last night’s Airport Authority Board meeting, the group selected Gary Peters to head the hunt for the best-possible person for the job.  The board is considering hiring a professional firm to do the searching.  A figure of $35,000 was thrown out as a potential cost to hire someone else to do it.  Other board members were vocal in their agreement that it’s worth the money to search the country. 

For now, the board agreed to have board member Chris Clemens be the Interim Manager.  It will require him to step down from the Authority Board temporarily while he holds the position.  Jim Bennett said whoever holds that position has a lot of work to do, and so does the Board.  Clemens will be paid as an independent contractor.  He’ll earn $2,400 per week with no insurance or benefits. 

Board Chair Jim Bennett said it will take Clemens more than 40 hours every week to get things where they need to be. “There are a lot of issues out there that we have to deal with.  We have compliance issues.  We have personnel issues.  We have project issues that have to be dealt with now.”

Clemens credited the other board members and employees of the airport with a lot of hard work that has already been accomplished. “It’s been everybody to come together and chip in, and it’s been necessary and will continue to be necessary, but we’ve got a lot of talented people in this community and a lot of experts in individual things and I think if we can draw on that talent, we can have this thing humming.”

Also during the meeting, the board mentioned that there’s been a lot of talk about bringing in a new airline, but they wanted to make sure that Sky West knows how much the airline is appreciated.  A representative from Sky West made a presentation asking for space that Horizon previously occupied.  She said during roughly the last quarter Sky West has had a 99.85% completion of flights from Lewiston, 97.1% of which had an on-time departure.  She said if they can keep growing their flights that are already mostly full, they can petition to have more Sky West flights headed out of Lewiston to new destinations.

The next board meeting is coming up December 16th.  It’s open to everyone.

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