Thursday’s Weather

Thursday’s Weather

LC Valley Area: 

Today: Rain showers early 50% chance of rain. Some sunshine later in the day. Clear skies overnight. Winds W at 15-25mph. Sunrise at 6:13am and sunset at 7:26pm. 54/32

Friday: Sunny throughout the day. A few clouds at night. 63/42

Saturday: Morning showers then partly cloudy in the afternoon. Chance of rain 30%. Partly cloudy at night. 52/31

Sunday: Sunny with some clouds. 56/34


Palouse Area: 

Today: Snow along with gusty winds during the morning. Partly cloudy in the afternoon. Chance of snow 90%. Clear skies at night. Winds W at 20-30mph. Sunrise 6:13am and Sunset 7:27pm. 47/29

Friday: Mostly sunny skies. Cloudy skies at night. 56/34

Saturday: Snow shouwers early. Chance of snow 60%. Some sun later. A few couds at night. 45/26

Sunday: Sunndy with some afternoon clouds. Partly cloudy at night. 50/28


Prairie Area:

Today: Snow and gusty winds in the morning. Winds W at 20-30 mph. Chance of snow 80% with 1-3 inches of snow expected. Partly cloudy during the afternoon and clear skies with little wind at night. Sunrise 6:11am and sunset at 7:24pm. 41/26

Friday: Plentiful sunshine with a few clouds overnight. 55/34

Saturday: Cloudy with snow showers in the morning. Chance of snow 50% with less than one inch accumulation. A few clouds at night 39/25

Sunday: sunny with a few clouds during the day and partly cloudy at night. 45/28

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