Softball Clinic Deadline Monday

Jill Andrews Memorial Clinic

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LEWISTON, ID – If your young girl wants to play softball or be part of a fun team, here’s a good start.  It’s also a way to increase her skills.  The Jill Andrews memorial Softball Clinic is coming up.  It’s May 11th, but you need to sign up by Monday.

Flooding Possible With Heavy Rains Tonight

Asotin & Nez Perce Counties

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LEWISTON, ID – A Flood Watch has been issued starting this afternoon and running though the night.  Outlying areas will get rain, but the watch is for Nez Perce and Asotin Counties.  The heaviest rains are expected to come between 5:00 pm and midnight with up to an inch of rain possible with areas of more than an inch possible. 

1/2 Lb of Cocaine Snagged In Bust

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PULLMAN, WA – Quad Cities Drug Task Force Officers took more than a half-pound of cocaine off the streets yesterday.  Officers executed a search warrant on a home in the 1100 block of Monroe Street in Pullman.  A press release says they found two grams of cocaine, scales, packaging material, snort tubes, and $190 in cash. 


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Weather brought to you by Nez Perce Express in Lewiston, next to the Clearwater River Casino.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Physical Therapy and Kinesiology Taping

Where cutting edge technology meets old-school pain management, you’ll find an innovative remedy such as Kinesiology taping. The process uses elastic therapeutic tape, which is exponentially more stretchable than traditional types of elastic bandage.

Daily Dynamic Report

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What Does A Trigger Point Therapy Session Usually Entail?

Your first physical therapy session will determine where the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing is centered, as well as focusing on the extent of your range-of-motion limitations.


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Weather brought to you by Nez Perce Express in Lewiston, next to the Clearwater River Casino.


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