Governor Little Comments on Court’s Decision in Transgender Inmate’s Gender Reassignment Surgery

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Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little issued the following statement today in response to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to uphold Judge B. Lynn Winmill’s ruling that the State of Idaho must provide gender reassignment surgery to transgender inmate Adree Edmo.

Idaho Hunters Should Be Satisfied with the Amount of Deer and Elk This Hunting Season

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LEWISTON, ID - Overall, hunters should see plenty of elk and white-tailed deer, and about average for mule deer

Idaho deer and elk hunters should see good to excellent hunting for elk and white-tailed deer, and average mule deer hunting in 2019, but that’s likely to vary by location across the state. 

Washington State Police Will Conduct a Statewide “Slow Down, Move Over” Emphasis

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OLYMPIA, WA – The Washington State Patrol (WSP) will conduct a statewide “Slow Down, Move Over” emphasis from August 23, 2019 through August 25, 2019. The purpose is to help troopers, roadway workers, emergency
responders, and citizens stay safe and bring awareness to the “Move Over Law”

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Treating Tendinitis

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The best treatment for tendinitis is time. Unfortunately, this is something that many people are unable to give to an injury. When tendinitis develops, the best thing to do is use ice and relax that part of the body. Taking a few days off practice or away from your workout may be sufficient, but in other vases, this may require a few days in a wheelchair or on crutches, with bulk of your weight off of the affected area.

Idaho Falls Bandits Make History, Wins Idaho's First American Legion National Championship

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IDAHO FALLS, ID - Well, Idaho it finally happened, the gem state has an American Legion national champion. 

The Idaho Falls Bandits knocked off Fargo, North Dakota Wednesday 5-3 to win the state of Idaho's first American Legion World Series. The Bandits had the hottest hand throughout the tournament, they posted a 5-0 record at the tournament and finished its regular season with a record of 61-6. 

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Important Benefits of Stretching: Avoiding Injuries

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The likelihood of sustaining an injury increases when your muscles are tense or tight. When you stretch, you are helping your body in loosening up your muscles, increasing your range of motion, and improving your balance.


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