Delays & Detours During Asotin County Chip Sealing

July 31st - Aug 9th | 6:30am - 5pm

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ASOTIN COUNTY, WA – Beginning July 31st, some Clarkston Heights and Asotin County residents will need to have their cars off the road.  The County is chip sealing several roads, including parts of Asotin Creek Road, Cloverland Road, and several in the Heights.  Not only are they asking that you remove your cars from the road, but also that you make sure you aren’t running your sprinklers on the area that will get the work.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Stretches and Exercises for Scoliosis- Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

People can stretch the latissimus dorsi — the largest muscle in the upper body — with this stretch. Thoracic scoliosis directly affects these muscles. Lumbar scoliosis can also cause back tension that extends up to the latissimus dorsi.

Two Men Arrested In Lacrosse Area Burglaries

Property Found From Lacrosse Pool Theft

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LACROSSE, WA – Two men were arrested for burglaries in Whitman County Tuesday.  A press release from the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office says a citizen filed a report July 10th of a burglary near Lacrosse.  Several tools and other equipment were allegedly taken.  Neighbors helped identify the men through security photos that show them entering the shop and taking the property.

Chase Ends Across State Line

Wrong Way Down A One-Way

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NEZ PERCE / ASOTIN COUNTIES – A man is in jail after allegedly running from law enforcement officers across the state line at about 12:30 this morning.  A press release from the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office says 55-year-old Sedro-Wooley, WA resident Robert Vantine was speeding on Highway 95.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Stretches and Exercises for Scoliosis- Bird-Dog

The Bird-Dog is another yoga-inspired exercise. To do this exercise:

  • Begin on the hands and knees with your back straight.
  • Place your hands directly under your shoulders, with the knees directly under the hips.
  • Extend one arm straight out and forward while extending the opposite leg straight back.

Greer Bridge Work Starts Monday

Idaho Highway 11 at Highway 12.

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GREER, ID – A 65-year-old bridge over the Clearwater River is getting repaired starting next week.  Monday the Idaho Transportation Department will begin work on the Greer Bridge.  It’s the beginning of Highway 11 and spans the river from Highway 12 headed for Weippe. 


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